How to Activate Silent Mode in Norton Security?

Norton offers a silent protection. This mode effectively stops background processes for a time-period and suppress notifications (security alerts). But the antivirus still will protect your computer form malware while it is in silent mode, but the users will not be able to receive any notifications, popup or anything. As Norton Support suggests activating Silent Mode, first you need to specify a time-duration before you perform any important task on your computer. By visiting at the far right of the task on your computer, you can turn the mode off or on accordingly.

How to Install Norton Antivirus on Apple MacBook?

Installing antivirus on any system has become a need of the hour in 21st century as cyber crimes are on the verge to annihilate your device. If any such thing happens, your system performance will degrade and the properties of the files and folders are modified which becomes simple for evil-doers to play with your security. Downloading of Norton antivirus is the best solution to flush out this problem, though this is a bit difficult task for the first time user.

How to Contact Norton Support to Fix Subscription Status Related Issues?

Is your subscription date is incorrect? Is the subscription not updated even after being charged by Automatic renewal? Have you tried all the possible ways but not able to fix this issue? Do not worry as Norton Support is the best where you can get all your problems fixed instantly. Perform the following carefully:

Issues in Norton Antivirus
  • Unable to Start Norton Products.
  • Appearing of “Coming Soon” Message
  • Disabling Norton Protection Center
  • Fixing Server error issues
  • Enabling of Disabling Auto-Protect
  • Using the Norton Family
  • Downloading or Installing Norton product on various devices.
  • Issues regarding Scanning viruses
  • Crashing and disappearing of Norton Products
  • Remove unwanted pop-ups