How to Activate Silent Mode in Norton Security?

Norton offers a silent protection. This mode effectively stops background processes for a time-period and suppress notifications (security alerts). But the antivirus still will protect your computer form malware while it is in silent mode, but the users will not be able to receive any notifications, popup or anything.

As Norton Support UK suggests activating Silent Mode, first you need to specify a time-duration before you perform any important task on your computer. By visiting at the far right of the task on your computer, you can turn the mode off or on accordingly. So without wasting a minute, follow the steps to know more:


  • As you know now, to activate silent mode provide a time-duration then get started! So first, go to the Settings window
  • Here, from the Administrative settings, click Quick Controls to continue further
  • After you do this, click the product icon at the notification area
  • Now again in the settings, choose Detailed settings from the context menu
  • Here, you will find Silent mode row, slide the On/Off switch to ON to enable it
  • After tuning the silent mode on, do this too: In the Turn on dialogue box, select the duration button form the drop-down list to choose how long you want to turn on silent mode
  • Now, select the apply button to save changes
  • At last, click Ok and close button to exit

As you activate the mode, you won’t be able to perform certain tasks such as burning a CD and recording videos using Media Center. When Norton automatically activates it; users may need to face other issues. If you are facing you can contact our experts via toll-free Norton support number UK +44-2038-687821. We have a team of experts who have got years of experience under their belt. We can guarantee 100% positive results. Just call Norton Technical Support Straight away!

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